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Monday : 9am - 5pm

Tuesday | Thursday : 10am - 6pm

Wednesday : 2pm - 6pm

Friday : 9am - 1pm

(505) 916-1118

3537 Thaxton Ave SE

Albuquerque, NM 87106

  • Heart Rate Variability
    Your HRV scan gauges the resilience of your nervous system under stress. It determines the equilibrium of your autonomic nervous system, indicating whether you're in acceleration or deceleration mode. Moreover, it provides insights into the performance of parasympathetic nerves, such as the Vagus nerve.
  • sEMG - Static Electromyography
    sEMG evaluates the communication between nerves and the spinal muscles responsible for posture. It provides insights into muscle energy efficiency, which can highlight potential sources of fatigue and muscle imbalances.
  • Thermography
    Rolling thermography measures temperature variations at multiple points along your spine. We view this as our 'deep heat' assessment, as inflammation and nerve disruptions often lead to uneven temperature rises from one side to the other. This gives us an insight into how your nervous system is functioning in different areas.
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